Committed to Non-Narcotic Treatment Options

We offer a variety of different treatment options

At Advanced Pain Solutions we are committed to offering a variety of non-narcotic treatment options. In America today there is an opioid crisis that is only continuing to grow. We are committed to helping solve this issue by reducing the use and abuse of opioids by offering a multi-pronged approach to treating our patients' pain symptoms. 

At Advanced Pain Solutions we practice multi-modal treatment and employ a multi-disciplinary approach. What this means is that we have a chiropractor on staff and our physicians also do injections and implants so we aren't treating our patients with just pain medicine. We do not offer narcotic only treatment. 

You can learn more about some of our patients outcomes here on our testimonials page 


Medication Management

We offer a variety of different treatment options

 At Advanced Pain Solutions our medication management follows the "step ladder approach" that the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends for treating pain symptoms. This is a conservative treatment methodology that starts treating pain with non-opioids and then moves "up the ladder" to stronger drugs accordingly. 

Pain is treated with the mildest drugs and this is done with our patients health in mind- we are trying to treat the pain symptoms without jumping to levels that we do not need to. This is beneficial for the patient and helps the patient receive the treatment plan that is best suited to them. 

In conjunction with medication management we offer physical rehabilitation and procedures to treat your pain with a multi-modal approach.