Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Beverly C.

Dear Dr. Kikkeri,

It is so rare and so caring that you called during your vacation to check on me! Most doctors these days wouldn’t have done so! Thank you so much!

Daniel S.

I have been a patient with Dr. Kikkeri for about 20 years. I have chronic pain in several areas. I run a ranch and also a horse and cattle operation and it requires me to be very active. I am able to run my business because of what they have done for me here.

Everybody at the facility is friendly and very engaged in your care. All of the staff works together to make the success happen. Whether I’m doing injections or coming in for an office visit, everything is always a first class operation

Caring Beyond the Clinic

I love Dr. Kikkeri like a brother because he has saved my life. I’ve been coming to this clinic since 2009, and they have taken good care of me. On one occasion when I was going to another hospital for a procedure they called on Dr. Kikkeri because there were complications and Dr. Kikkeri stopped everything at his practice to come and see me. I don’t make a medical move/decision without consulting Dr. Kikkeri

Vanessa G.

Dr. Kikkeri has a very good bedside manner and you don’t find that in a lot of doctors these days. All of his employees are very kind and caring people. I remember Dr. Kikkeri took the time during his trip overseas to call and check on the status of my pain and made sure I was okay

Richard B.

I had the Superion procedure done in November 2017 and since then I have had so much relief.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Kikkeri since 2009. The main reason for staying with this practice for so long is that they are meticulous and always on time.

I have recommended Dr. Kikkeri to several individuals over the past 9 years and will continue to do so.”

Sonya M.

 I highly recommend APS for pain management. I’ve been a patient at this practice for over 2 years. They walked me through the small steps up until the major steps of my treatment plan and pain. Now I can say I have my life back and enjoy it with my two younger children. I rate Advanced Pain Solutions 5 stars!

Ladonna Y.

I’ve been going to Dr. K for 10 years. It’s fabulous. Everyone is so nice. This place has so much more to offer than just surgery. I am a spinal cord stimulator patient and it has made the pain just go away. I turn the stimulator on before I choose to take a pain pill and I find 80% relief. I have complete faith in Dr. Kikkeri

Jimmy J.

We had doctors who didn’t believe or care and we couldn’t find help for his nerve or head pain anywhere. Dr. K thought outside of the box and came up with the idea of treating me with a spinal cord stimulator. It worked beautifully. Dr. Kikkeri is always open to a new way to treat your pain.

Melinda P.

When I first came here to Dr. K, I had lost my will to live and my quality of life. I was ready to go. After my first appointment, I thought I had wasted my time. But it had changed my life. I was so used to taking chronic pain medication my whole life but after being prescribed a therapeutic dosage of Gabapentin my day to day pain is gone.

I have a life again.

I come to this place and everyone is happy and I can act myself and say what I need to say. You just don’t know what this place can do for you.

Now, I’m not doing the cupid shuffle.. but I will!

John L.

Dr. K has been a great guy and a friend since I’ve been seeing him over the past 5 years. He has always taken the time to go over my treatment plan step by step and always understands what I am going through. All the staff at Advanced Pain Solutions are just great people.

Kenneth S.

I have been going to Advanced Pain Solutions since 2010 for neck pain and arthritis in my hands. I believe his practice has the sincerest group of employees I have ever seen at any medical practice. I trust Dr. Kikkeri’s judgement so much that I also take my 85- year- old mother to him for her knee and back pain.
I also have neck and back injections at North Texas Team Care Surgery Center and just like Advanced Pain Solutions, it is a first class operation every time.

I would highly recommend Advanced Pain Solutions to anyone, without reservation, for anyone who needs care for their pain.

Mark K.

In all the years I have been with Dr. K (which is 13 years) the man has never given up on me. He kept working with me until he had found a means to help my pain. Dr. K has been available to me night and day, literally. He has always exhibited a very caring demeanor while I have been his patient. It really boils down to me coming to him in tremendous pain and he never stopped until he found a way to truly help me. Dr. K is dead on in what he is doing

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