Nerve Pain

There can be a lot of reasons for nerve pain. We’re here to help you find the root cause of the pain and provide a personalized approach for relief.

Causes of Nerve Pain

Damage to the nerve causes nerve pain. Nerve injury can be caused by a multitude of medical disorders, medicines, and poisons, including:

  • Alcoholism.
  • Diabetes.
  • Facial nerve problems.
  • HIV infection or AIDS.
  • Central nervous system disorders (stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.)
  • Complex regional pain syndrome.
  • Shingles. (Pain that continues after your bout with shingles ends is called postherpetic neuralgia.)
  • Chemotherapy drugs (cisplatin, paclitaxel, vincristine, etc.).
  • Radiation therapy.
  • Amputation, which can cause phantom pain.
  • Spinal nerve compression or inflammation.
  • Trauma or surgeries with resulting nerve damage.
  • Nerve compression or infiltration by tumors.
  • COVID-19

General Symptoms of Nerve Pain

When a nerve is injured, it is more likely to begin acting strangely. It may go silent and convey no information, resulting in numbness. It might also give out a lot of pain messages that aren’t necessary.

You may encounter the following symptoms depending on the source of your nerve pain:

  • Numbness or tingling in feet and hands
  • Loss of balance and falling
  • Throbbing and sharp pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Dropping things with your hands
  • Muscle weakness
  • Heavy feeling in arms and legs
  • Dramatic drop in blood pressure
  • Difficulty digesting
  • Excessive sweating

When to see a physician ?

See your doctor if you have nerve pain and any warning signs such as:

  • Severe pain that worsens rather than improves with time.
  • Numbness, pins and needles, or weakness in your legs, back, or anywhere else.
  • Nerve pain accompanied by unexplained weight loss.

Diagnosis & Treatments

We investigate and determine the exact cause of the condition or injury causing the pain by asking you about your symptoms, including possible causes (e.g., recent injuries, other health concerns), if you’ve ever had nerve pain, as well as performing a thorough physical exam.

The goals of treatment are to:

  • Treat the underlying condition (for example, radiation or surgery to shrink a tumor that is pressing on a nerve).
  • Provide pain relief.
  • Maintain functionality.
  • Enhance your quality of life.
  • To treat nerve pain, a multimodal approach consisting of medications, physical therapy, psychological counseling, and, in rare cases, surgery is frequently necessary.

How we can help

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We can assist you in learning more about: 

  • Diagnosing your nerve pain
  • Methods for coping with these conditions
  • Physical rehabilitation or medication to manage pain.

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