Shoulder Pain

There can be a lot of reasons for shoulder pain. We’re here to help you find the root cause of the pain and provide a personalized approach for relief.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of factors, not all of which are related to the shoulder joints or associated structures.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Inflammation of the shoulder capsule
  • Injuries and sprains

General Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

You may encounter the following symptoms depending on the source of your shoulder pain: 

  • Pain deep in the shoulder joint, in the back or the front of the shoulder and the upper part of the arm. 
  • Reduced movement, and pain when moving your shoulder.
  • Weakness of the shoulder/upper arm. 
  • Sensations of pins and needles (tingling) and burning pain. 
  • Lack of movement or stiffness. 
  • Hurt more when you move it or press on it

When to see a physician ?

If you have any of the following symptoms persisting beyond a week or two, please consult your doctor:

  • Pain in the joints that makes it difficult to move
  • Unexpected immobility of the shoulder joint
  • Swelling, redness, bruising, or a rash in the affected area.
  • Sharp or shooting pain, particularly when exercising or exerting oneself
  • A high temperature

Diagnosis & Treatments

We investigate and determine the exact cause of the condition or injury causing the pain by asking you about your shoulder pain symptoms, including possible causes (e.g., recent injuries, other health concerns), if you’ve ever had shoulder pain, as well as performing a thorough physical exam. 

We may also recommend the following :- 

  • An X-ray to check for arthritis or fractures.
  • An ultrasound to look for inflammation, rips, or ruptures in the rotator cuff tendon.
  • When a fracture is suspected or an injury has occurred, a CT and MRI. These scans will help evaluate the degree of the injury and whether a surgeon should be consulted for additional evaluation and treatment.

How we can help

Please give us a call at (972) 681-7246 or submit your query here .

We can assist you in learning more about:

  • Diagnosing your Shoulder pain
  • Methods for coping with these conditions
  • Physical rehabilitation or medication to manage pain.

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